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"Building programs is our business. Rebuilding lives is our passion."

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  • Newsletter

    It is with sincere excitement that we present to you the Elks Aidmore quarterly newsletter, the “Connector”. It is our hope that this newsletter will provide our stakeholders with up-to-date information on our programs and the services we are providing to the children, youth, and families that we serve. It is also our hope to keep you informed about upcoming events and opportunities to support Elks Aidmore.

    Quarterly Newsletter

  • Aidmore Officers

    The Elks Aidmore Board of Trustees elected new officers during their meeting in December.  Due to the impact of COVID, their terms of office will be effective through April 2023.  From left to right:  Charlie Hendricks (Savannah), 1st Vice President; Stanley Santee (Camden County), President and Board Chairman; Mickie Emmett (Toccoa), Secretary; Jane  Santee (Camden County), Treasurer; Tim Whalen (Griffin), General Counsel; and John Helgesen (Atlanta Northlake), 2nd Vice President

  • Georgia Elks Association Past State President Bob Carter Receives An Award Of Recognition

    Georgia Elks Association Past State President Bob Carter (pictured left) recently received an award of recognition from Elks Aidmore CEO Abe Wilkinson.  The clock was presented in appreciation for 13 years of dedication, service and leadership as Treasurer of the Elks Aidmore Board of Trustees.

  • Elks Aidmore Welcomes New Finance Officer

    The Elks Aidmore Board of Directors recently approved the addition of a Finance Officer position to the Aidmore staff. Laura Nichols, a current employee of Elks Aidmore, assumed the new role on July 1 st . Laura came to Elks Aidmore in June 2017 as an Administrative Assistant.

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  • Dr. Vickey Hale Selected As Elks Aidmore Next CEO

    The Elks Aidmore Board of Trustees unanimously approved the selection of Chief Operations Officer Vickey Hale as the CEO-Designate for Elks Aidmore. Vickey will assume the position upon the retirement of current CEO Abe Wilkinson in July 2022.

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  • Elks Aidmore Receives General Mills Grant

    Elks Aidmore is the recipient of a $15,000 grant from the General Mills Foundation Hometown Grantmaking Program. The grant program is a Signature Fund of The Minneapolis Foundation. The process for receipt of a grant is an invitation to apply, submission of an application, interview with the staff from the General Mills plant in Covington, and review by the corporate office.

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  • Elks Aidmore Receives National Accreditation

    Elks Aidmore, Inc. has achieved national accreditation through the New York-based Council on Accreditation (COA). With offices in Conyers, Dalton, Savannah, and Valdosta, Elks Aidmore provides Residential Treatment, Preparation for Independent Living, Independent Living, and Therapeutic Foster Care. Elks Aidmore provides over 1.4 million hours of services to nearly 300 children and their families each year.

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  • MAAC

    Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC), is a collaboration of 9 member agencies that strives to create a seamless, centralized continuum of care that addresses all of the needs of the child, adolescent and family. MAAC’s 9 member and over 20 contracted agencies team together to create a continuum of support for youth in foster care with youth and family voice and choice at the center of discussion and innovation and collaboration as driving forces. Elks Aidmore was a founding member of MAAC. www.maac4kids.org

  • From The CEO’s Desk

    Life is full of surprises. Some are good…some not so much. Some, like COVID, are almost unbearable. No matter the surprise, the Bible teaches us it is God who is in control. When things seem out of control to us, Mark 11:24 reminds us “whatever we ask for in prayer, believe you will receive it and it will be yours.”

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  • Donate Online

    An important part of the life of the Elks Aidmore Center is participation and support by the public. There are several ways you can get involved and help. Follow the link below to find out more.

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  • Programs

    Elks Aidmore offers four programs including basic care, pre-independent living, independent living, and theraputic foster care. To find out more about any of our programs, follow the link below.

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  • About Us

    Elks Aidmore, Inc. addresses the needs of youth and families in crisis. Our mission is to provide youth and families in crisis with the necessary skills and resources to help heal their hearts, restore their hopes and rebuild their lives.

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Elks Aidmore, Inc. addresses the needs of youth and families in crisis. Our mission is to provide youth and families in crisis with the necessary skills and resources to help heal their hearts, restore their hopes and rebuild their lives- we have provided services to Georgia’s children for more than eight decades.

We deliver our mission through a wide range of residential treatment and support programs to participants and their families that focus on creating success for at-risk teenagers and young adults.


  • Education- public education through Rockdale Public Schools
  • Affordable safe housing- children live in cottages and are supervised 24 hours a day
  • GED and vocational training – opportunities are provided in partnership with local technical schools and colleges
  • Therapy- each child is provided with individual therapy
  • Health and wellness- we employ a full-time RN to manage the residents health needs.
  • Exercise and recreational facilities- provide on campus facilities for exercise and fun; gym, art/recreation room; ropes course; zip line; swimming pool; tennis court; soccer and baseball field; pond for paddle boating and canoeing; nature walk; etc.
  • Staff- staff is trained and have required certifications
  • Life Skill development- residents are provided with daily 101 life skill development.
  • Transitional services- residents do not age out of care at 18. Residents that are 18 have the option to transition to campus apartments and continue to receive support while attending post secondary school.

The heart of the 141 acre campus is comprised of four cottages, a gymnasium, an administrative building, a computer lab, family house, recreation room, tennis courts, swimming pool, pavilion, camping facilities, ropes course, and a lake for fishing and canoeing. Aidmore also offers camping and other facilities which are open to the public!