Elks Aidmore

"Building programs is our business. Rebuilding lives is our passion."


Elks Aidmore offers the following programs:

  • Residential Treatment

    Our Maximum Watchful Oversight/MWO program provides residential care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The program serves female adolescents ages 12-18 years old.  Each cottage provides a family style living model with a common living area, kitchen, and laundry facility.
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    The Preparation For Independent Living Program/Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides youth with the opportunity to learn the important practical and interpersonal skills needed to live successfully as young adults. The program provides skilled staff who provide guidance and practical knowledge through daily hands on life skills building and practice, as well as a series of life skills group meetings.
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    The Community Based Independent Living Program furnishes the youth with an apartment and basic living needs. The apartment is located in the area where the youth attends school and works. Youth must sign a lease agreement and abide by the guidelines set in the lease. On-going support services are provided to the resident to feel safe and comfortable in their new environment helping the resident to feel safe and comfortable in their new environment.
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    Thoroughly screened and highly trained foster families are used to meet the specialized needs of foster youth in a family setting. Youth in Therapeutic Foster Care receive a combination of the services available in Residential and Community-Based Alternative Programs for Youth programs.
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