Elks Aidmore

"Building programs is our business. Rebuilding lives is our passion."

Privacy Statement


The reputation of the Agency depends, in large part, upon developing and maintaining the high regard of placement agencies, volunteers, funding sources, present and future employees, and the community at large. It is important, therefore, that reports about the history, status, prospects, and operational procedures and techniques of the Agency are accurate and professional in tone and purpose.

Employees shall not, except as reasonably necessary and appropriate in the course of the employee’s duties or with the prior written consent of the Chief Executive Officer, publish or disclose to any person or agency, any information or opinion about the residents, employees, volunteers, financial condition, operational procedures, physical facilities, interagency relations, or other affairs of the Agency.


The Agency provides acknowledgement of contributions to the donor. In the event of a memorial, acknowledgement is also sent to the person, or family member, for whom the contribution was made. Contributions are also acknowledged through Monthly Updates and the publication of the Georgia Elks News. For significant community contributions, articles may be placed in the local newspaper. Upon request of the donor, the Agency will insure anonymity of the donation and/or the donor.

Donor records are highly confidential. Elks Aidmore respects the privacy and personal information of each donor. The use of personal information is never used for commercial or political purposes. Elks Aidmore does not sell, rent or trade mailing lists. The name and address of each donor are used solely to provide information regarding activities of Elks Aidmore. At the request of the donor, s/he is removed from future mail or electronic correspondence.