Elks Aidmore

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The SAIL house and apartment are located on the campus of Elks Aidmore. The furnished residences can accommodate five youth. Youth must sign a lease agreement and abide by the guidelines set in the lease. A support team is provided to each youth to provide assistance in making the transition from supervised group living to supervised apartment living. The support team will be selected by consensus of the staff and resident.


  • Ages 17 – 21
  • Enrolled in high school and on track to graduate OR Enrolled in GED, vocational training, or college/ university classes at least part-time
  • Must demonstrate mastery on core life skills with proficiency in many areas of independent living skills and safe daily living skills
  • Demonstrate the ability to maintain employment
  • Obtain a recommendation from 2 members of their support team
  • Have a willingness to remain in the care of the state.
  • Interview with the TLP team members.


For applicants currently residing at Elks Aidmore:

  • Residents must have completed their cottage goals and demonstrated greater responsibility and trust.
  • The resident must apply to the program through her cottage team.

For outside referrals.

  • Case worker must contact the intake coordinator and apply for the pre-ILP program/TLP/.
  • Referral must meet the above criteria