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"Building programs is our business. Rebuilding lives is our passion."

CEO’s Report

In the face of multiple challenges and opportunities, Elks Aidmore continues to focus on the sole reason for its existence… our kids! For FY19, Elks Aidmore provided services to 48 more families than in 2018. The agency proved 1.3 million hours of services to them, in 66 Georgia counties. A new addition to this year’s annual report includes highlights of the accomplishments of our foster youth, which are listed below. Please read each line slowly and carefully. Celebrate what they have done. While many of their accomplishments may seem trivial or minor, please remember these are significant milestones in their journey through life. They have overcome years of family crises to reach this point. For many of them, these accomplishments will be life-changing events.


 Reunified with family: 19
 Adopted: 4; two with our foster families
 Guardianship: 3-Pierre-Louise took guardianship of her three foster children
 High School Graduations: Joshua C. and Katherine
 Jobs: 6 teens received first jobs


 Serenity W was Student of the Month in November
 Devin auditioned for ATL Stars Talent Show/selected to perform/won 2 nd place
 Jaylin P received a Citizenship Award
 Jordan D Starry Nights MAAC – 5/2/19
 Janiya received her learners permit
 Katherine attended Senior Prom
 Janiya attended Junior Prom
 Nayeli was promoted to 12 th grade
 Curdarrius S. was promoted to Middle School; earned his trip to Disney World
 Mayderi was promoted to 12 th grade.
 Shaun transitioned to regular school from alternative school for the 2019-20 school year


 Trinity H. and Brayden P. reunited with mom
 Kholayni C. reunited with Aunt
 Katie F. reunited with Grandmother
 Tymir G. graduated High School
 Joseph, Justin and James J. adopted by Elks foster parent


 Kylie G. reunited with mom
 Oliver B. and Brianna R. reunited with Grandparents
 Jacob R. adopted by Elks Foster parent
 Jasmin R., J ’Quan D., and Samadree R. reunited with mom
 Lily Ann R. adopted by same parent as her sister
 MiShae C. completed CNA program; accepted to nursing program
 Shanard M. voted President of Delta Innovation School
 Dontarious R. graduated from Promise Program
 Gavin J. given Young Author’s Award by school


 Shanveria and Miricle graduated from Heritage High School
 Kayla obtained her GED and her certificate in food handling safety
 Jordan and Shannelle were MAAC Shining Star Recipients
 Shanveria, Miricle and Kayla participated in the Celebration of Excellence
 Five Residents attended Embark First Look at UGA
 Armelle participated in the week-long Embark Program at UGA
 Ashanti attended Camp Oo-U-La 2019 for Burn Victims

 Shanveria registered to vote and voted for the first time
 The residents volunteered at Traditions and Westbury Nursing Homes, Hosea Feed the Hungry, Books for
Africa, One Heart Ministries, and Eastside Baptist Church
 Jalisa and Janette were reunified with family
 Jamiliyah had fictive kin to receive guardianship
 The youth toured Middle Georgia College, Georgia State, Georgia College, and Oxford in October of 2018
during Fall Break.
 Jamiliyah were inducted into Top Teens of America
 Residents participated in the reading of the draft of “When Dreams Believe” by author Stephanie Perry-
Moore to provide feedback prior to publication.
 Residents worked at the following locations:  McDonald’s, Burger King, Sonic, Taco Bell, Amici, Chuck
E. Cheese, KFC,
 Nana’s Chicken N Waffle, & O‘Charley’s
 Two youth participated in Teen Works
 Jalisa and Danielle recognized for Academic Excellence at Edwards Middle School

Residential youth participated in the following extracurricular activities:

 Refining Fire Dance Troupe
 Edwards Middle School Dance Team – Danielle
 Edwards Middle School Chorus – Erin
 Edwards Middle School Band – Danielle
 Heritage High School March Band Flag Corp. – Jamiliyah
 Heritage High School Musical Theater – Jamiliyah
 Heritage High School Marine Jr. ROTC – Anna Grace
 Heritage High School Chorus – Ashanti
 Heritage High School JV Soccer – Faiza
 RYSA Soccer Team – Faiza
 Attended Empowerment Tribe Meetings quarterly


 98% of the youth in care received tutorial services.
 100% of the youth in care received specialized tutorial services either through DFCS or Elks Aidmore.
 70% of the youth in care are on grade level.
 95% of the youth showed grade improvements at the end of the 2018-2019 academic school year.
 100% of youth served received life skills training in the following areas: Daily Living, Self-Care, Healthy
Relationships, Communication, Housing, Money Management, Employment, Study Skills, Careers,
Educational Planning, Permanency, Planning for the Future.
 100% of youth served received vocational education/training on the Elks Aidmore campus through
volunteers and interns.
 Only 1% of youth served were involved with the Department of Juvenile Justice or the Department of

Take pride in your support of the Elks Aidmore programs. If you are not currently a supporter, these accomplishments should provide incentive for you to jump on-board. Together we can continue to build and sustain
programs that “heal hearts, restore hopes and rebuild lives”.