Christmas Wishlists 2021

Elks Aidmore

"Building programs is our business. Rebuilding lives is our passion."

CEO’s Report

For so many of us life, as we knew it, came to a stop in March 2020.  Our daily routine changed overnight, our fear of contracting COVID overcame us, we quarantined from our extended families and our friends…many of us lost loved ones to COVID.

I cannot begin to imagine the turmoil that was churning inside of the children and youth we serve in foster care.  There must have been so many doubts…what will we do? how will we survive this? what about my family? who will take care of us?

When Jesus chose his disciples, these are some examples of the followers he selected: fishermen, tradesmen, a tax collector, and a zealot.  As Max Lucado stated, about the disciples, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called…the one thing they had going for them was a willingness to take a step when Jesus said, ‘Follow me.’”

And miraculously, during this global crisis, the Aidmore staff have indeed followed.  The Residential Treatment staff displayed remarkable sacrifice in taking care of the young women on the Aidmore campus.  They were uncertain of what was to come but committed to those in their care.  Without knowing the potential impact COVID could have, they put themselves on the frontline.  Every day they showed up for work, determined to provide some stability in a suddenly unstable world.  Courageous.  Bold.  Confident.  Passionate.  Comforting.

The Therapeutic Foster Care staff were forced to navigate a different path.  How do I maintain safe and meaningful contact with foster parents?  How will I reassure the foster children in my care?  How do we protect the kids and foster parents from COVID?  They called, they Zoomed, they even occasionally went on site to visit.  Fearless.  Self-assured.  Intense.  Innovative.  Caring.

The Therapeutic Foster Care foster parents were equally challenged.  How can I manage this child 24-hours a day?  Will they not be going to school?  What happens during a crisis?  Where will I get support?  Adaptable.  Devoted.  Flexible.  Assuring.  Loving.

And let us not forget the administrative staff, who provided on-site and off-site support to all these services.  They developed procedures on the run, often with little guidance from child welfare or health professionals.  They navigated the develoment policies to protect children, staff, and foster parents.  Ensuring the safety of everyone was paramount, while also assuring the delivery of the highest level of quality services.

All found opportunities in these challenges.  All were champions for children.  All were angels for Aidmore.  All were called, and followed, with a servant’s heart.  We pray for them.  We pray for those who lost loved ones and need healing.  We pray for brighter days ahead.  We pray for God to continue to direct our path as we serve His children.