Elks Aidmore

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Pre-Independent Living

The Preparation For Independent Living Program provides youth with the opportunity to learn the important practical and interpersonal skills needed to live successfully in today’s world. The program provides skilled counselors who provide guidance and practical knowledge through a series of life skills programs, group meetings, and individual counseling.


Education is a key component to the ILP program. Residents are required to attend school. Students may be attending high school, GED, technical school or college. The staff encourages youth to explore and develop their interests and personal skills. A summer program has been developed to allow youth to test different careers that they have expressed an interest in through a community intern partnership.


All residents are required to obtain a part-time job. A savings program is also required of all residents. This life skill training helps youth become self-disciplined, develop good work habits, develop a workable budget and develop good sound time management skills, all important steps to leading a life of independence.


Citizenship, social responsibility, and community involvement are important elements of the ILP program at Elks Aidmore. Through volunteer work, and community education, youth learn the importance of personal contribution.


The ultimate goal for the ILP program is to help youth achieve a sense of confidence and knowledge enabling them to live independently without fear.


  • Must be at least 16 1/2 years of age.
  • Must be working and/or attending school.
  • Must not present a safety risk.
  • Must make a full commitment to the program.
  • Must be interviewed by the agency staff.
  • Must be able to attend public school, GED, technical school or college.


For applicants currently residing at Elks Aidmore:

  • Residents must have completed their cottage goals and demonstrated greater responsibility and trust.
  • The resident must apply to the program through his/her cottage team.

For outside referrals.

  • Case worker must contact the intake coordinator and apply for the pre-ILP program.
  • Referral must meet the above criteria