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  • Take Some Time to Celebrate

    We are all aware the onset of COVID-19 in March resulted in a national quarantine, with the closing of businesses and schools.  For the staff, foster parents and clients of Elks Aidmore, unprecedented and unique challenges were presented.  The least, not of which, was finishing out the academic year and completing necessary educational requirements.  It was an especially challenging time for our seniors who, at times, wondered if they would even be able to graduate.  Commitment and perseverance in the face of adversity builds character; hard work pays off; dreams do come true!

    It is with great pleasure, we present the graduating seniors and their achievements.  We have also included the academic achievements of some of the other children and youth in our care.  These accomplishments represent significant milestones in their lives.  Please celebrate with us as you read through the list and be assured none of this would have been possible without the presence of Elks Aidmore and your support of the program.


    Michou graduated from Cedartown High School. Originally from Haiti, she has worked hard and adapted well to life in America. She had a high GPA and graduated with honors. Michou loves to cook and frequently tries out her new creations on her foster family. She is interested in attending culinary school. Michael and Sherri Fuller, Michou’s foster family, have been fostering for over 30 years. Earlier this year, the Fuller family joined the Elks Aidmore Therapeutic Foster Care program in Dalton. The Fuller family was the first and only placement for Michou, who has been with them for slightly over four years.

    Joshua graduated from Valdosta High School and has been accepted at Georgia Military College in Valdosta. Joshua began online classes on June 1st. Joshua has been with Elks Aidmore since December 2018 and has remained with one family (Rose) during that time. Joshua was an active participant in ROTC and participated in the Youth Advisory Board with Elks. He is a strong advocate for both his own needs and those of others in Foster Care. The Roses, Joshua’s foster  parents have been with Elks Aidmore since May 2016 and have fostered several other young men in addition to a sibling group that has been with them since they opened their home.

    Janiya Johnson will be graduating from Stephenson High School. Janiya enjoys doing hair and makeup and plans to pursue a career in Cosmetology. Janiya’s foster mother, Mrs. Althea Morgan-Smith has been fostering for over 15 years. She especially enjoys working with teenagers and being an intricate part of their transitions toward adulthood.

    Mayderi’s journey with Elks started in Elks residential and later transitioned to an agency foster home where she has remained to date. Mayderi enjoys doing makeup and hair. Mayderi graduated from Shiloh High School and ended the semester with all A’s and B’s. Mayderi has been accepted to Georgia Gwinnett College where she will study nursing and was recently accepted into the Georgia ILP program. Mayderi’s foster parents are Chevronne and Oche Williams. They are committed and dedicated foster parents who believe in being involved in each of the milestones achieved by Mayderi, encouraging her to be the best she can be and looking forward to her future successes.

    Nayelli Franco-Perez journey with Elks started in Elks residential and later transitioned to an agency foster home with Ms. Chervonne Williams. Nayelli has been in Ms. Williams foster home for the past four years. Nayelli is a hard worker. When entering the Elks program Nayeli was several years behind academically. Nayeli was committed to her education, worked hard, and with the on-going support and encouragement from her foster parents, graduated from Shiloh High School on time with her 2019-20 class. Nayeli has been accepted to Ga State where she plans to pursue her degree in Biology. Nayeli was recently accepted to Elks ILP program.

    Shannelle graduated from Heritage High School. She was in residential placement on the Conyers campus from January 2019 through March 2020. Shannelle was placed with a relative in Gwinnett County in March. With diligence and support from the educational support staff at Elks Aidmore, she was able to remain in the Rockdale County School System and receive her high school diploma.

    Residential Treatment Program

    Alexandria was the only student at the Alpha Academy to complete her Distance Learning assignments. She will successfully transition back to Heritage High School in the fall of 2020 to begin her senior year.

    Independent Living Program

    Jordan successfully completed his first year of college at Georgia Military College. He is studying to be a dental hygienist.

    Kylenn completed his first semester of college at Georgia State University.

    Conyers Therapeutic Foster Care

    Starchea is graduating elementary school as well as the psychoeducational program at Oakland Meadows. She has been successful in completing her Individualized Education Plan goals. She improved from being three grade levels behind in reading and math to being completely on grade level. Starchea will attend Shiloh Middle School when school resumes.

    Zyerria is graduating from Princeton Elementary School as an A/B student and will attend Stephenson Middle School.

    Jamarrion is also graduating from Princeton Elementary School and will be attending Stephenson Middle School.

    Stephanie, Ann and Shaun were accepted into the Georgia Internship Program, which provides current foster youth ages 16 -17 years old the opportunity to gain extensive training and work experience.

    Makayla successfully transitioned from alternative school in the 2019-20 school year and ended the year at Austin Middle School without a single behavioral infraction.

    Savannah Therapeutic Foster Care

    Larry is transitioning from middle school to high school over the summer. He has made significant behavioral and academic progress and will be “stepping-down” from a psychoeducational school setting to be mainstreamed in high school.