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  • Outstanding Youth Award

    At the 2019 Georgia Conference on Children and Families, Jordan D. received the Outstanding Youth Award for 2019.  The Georgia Conference on Children and Families is the largest interdisciplinary event in Georgia, designed to bring together the community that serves children and families.  The conference was attended by nearly 500 participants.

    Jordan has been in the foster care system since 2008 and has spent the last 18 months with a foster family through Elks Aidmore. Jordan was nominated for the award by the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children, of which Elks Aidmore is a founding member.

    The nomination read: “Jordan has been working with the EmpowerMEnt/LEADS program for two years and provides a much-needed male presence and role model.  He has coordinated 10 events for over 300 youth and makes sure the team is representing MAAC properly.  He does not shy away from being a leader and encouraging his peers to hold themselves accountable.  Jordan has represented MAAC.EmpowerMEnt in Georgia as well as across the country with national partners, from which he received high praise about the way he conducted himself.”

    In Jordan’s words, “Growing up in the foster care system has sparked an ambition in me to create change and make a difference in other foster youth’s live to make them better.  As we say in EmpowerMEnt, ‘Nothing about us without us.’”

    Jordan is currently enrolled at Georgia Military College and continues to receive support and encouragement from his Elks foster parents.