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  • Celebrating Our Graduates

    Shanveria B., also know as “Shan”, began her high school career four years ago as a Delta Cottage resident.  She graduated from Heritage High School in May. Shan is known to others as outspoken, intelligent and independent with just a sprinkle of sassiness.  Shan’s determination and perseverance has been the driving force behind completing all areas of programming including Basic, Pre-Independent Living and Independent Living.  Shan plans on attending college and majoring in pre-law.

    Jordan D. displayed remarkable focus in school, which allowed him to complete his senior year early.  He completed all his coursework in December 2018 and walked with his graduating class in May 2019. During his senior year, Jordan was dually enrolled at Langston Hughes High School and Georgia Military College.  In addition, Jordan was hired as a full-time Manager Services Representative by Planet Fitness in December 2018. Jordan continues to strive for success as transitions to the Elks Aidmore Independent Living Program in the community.  He is a proud and active participant in EmpowerMEnt and enjoys advocating for youth in care, as well as inspiring others to be empowered.

    Josh C.  is a 2019 graduate of Calhoun High School.  Josh maintained a “B” average throughout his high school career.  He has discovered a love for digital filmmaking and videography and plans to enter the Art Institute of Atlanta in the fall.  Josh also enjoys disc golf, amusement parks and playing video games. While quiet and shy, Josh is growing daily in his ability to communicate and advocate for himself.  He has had the strong support of his foster parents, with whom he has lived for the past two years.

    Katherine D. is a 2019 graduate of Newton High School. She has been with Elks Aidmore and her foster parents for five years.  Katherine is easy-going, growing in confidence and becoming more and more independent. She has a great rapport with her foster parents, who are remaining as a support to her as she continues to develop and enter adulthood.  Her hobbies include electronics, cooking and animals. Katherine is interested in becoming a veterinarian. She especially loves horses.

    Kayla W. came to Elks Aidmore in January 2019. Upon her arrival at Elks, Kayla had completed the hours necessary to take her GED, however, she wanted to study a little bit longer as was extremely nervous about the math section of the test.   In March, Kayla earned her GED.  Kayla also completed a Food Service Preparation Certification in April.  Kayla recently transitioned from our Transitional Living program into the Independent Living program and is experiencing living on her own in a community apartment setting.   Kayla will be attending Empire Beauty College to study to become an Esthetician.  Kayla is hard working, compassionate, and outgoing.  Her focus and determination has helped her to achieve so much in such a short time. 

    Miricle C. arrived at Elks Aidmore in November 2018 and quickly became an integral part of the Pre-Independent Living program.  She graduated from Heritage High School an is eager to begin the next chapter in her life. Miricle is described as responsible, ambitious, eager to learn and caring.  In addition, she continues to demonstrate excellent work ethics by maintaining part-time employment at a Conyers restaurant. Miricle plans to attend the University of Georgia, study veterinary science and eventually land her dream job with Zoo Atlanta.

    In addition to our high school graduates, we recognize the following accomplishments:

    • Bianca L. graduated from the 8th grade
    • Janice M. graduated from the 5th grade
    • Ladarie S. graduated from elementary school
    • Michael W. graduated from middle school
    • Trinity R. graduated from elementary school
    • Tyler R. graduated from the 8th grade

    Congratulations to these students, and the staff and families who have supported them. We are very proud of these milestone accomplishments they have attained in their lives.