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  • A Shining Star Recognized

    The Multi-Agency Alliance for Children (MAAC) holds an annual fundraising and recognition event titled “A Starry Night”. Each year, MAAC recognizes both adult and youth Shining Stars. At the 2020 event, held virtually due to COVID, Elks Aidmore foster parent Marlene Oliver was recognized as one of the adult Shining Stars. In her nomination letter, Cathleen Duff Gilbert wrote:

    “Over the years Ms. Oliver has been a foster parent to many MAAC youth as well as supporting MAAC youth through her role as an FSP. Ms. Oliver goes above and beyond in both roles and has been able to work with some youth who have more challenging needs. As a foster parent, Ms. Oliver has the philosophy that there is always room for growth and learning new skills. She collaborates with PACT and other MAAC programs to ensure her foster youth are getting their needs met. She is open to trying most anything and always follows through in working with the team on a suggested effort. During the time a child was in the hospital, Ms. Oliver painted the child’s room her favorite color and re-decorated the child’s room into a “princess room” as a surprise to make her feel better when she got home. It is this kind of nurturing and thoughtfulness that I see often in her foster-parenting. She is always able to remain calm during a crisis, utilizing her emotional intelligence and patience to remember not to take a behavior personally. Instead, she takes more time to connect with them. She is able to keep in mind that many behaviors are rooted in trauma, so she approaches behaviors in an individualized and trauma-informed way.”

    “As an FSP, Ms. Oliver is always listening to our youth and sharing their wishes and needs with the team. She is able to hear the voices of youth, advocate and enjoys showing she cares through extra gestures (i.e., helping a youth find a special prom dress, ensuring they have a special outfit they can feel fabulous in, sponsoring a youth with that special toy they really wanted for Christmas) She enjoys showering our youth with extra love, time and attention. When there is a last-minute team need, she always rises to the occasion. As an FSP she is able to share many helpful resources and tips with other foster parents.”

    In her acceptance remarks, Mrs. Oliver said she became a foster parent “to make a difference in the lives of children. As a foster parent, I practice three fundamental things: love, patience, and compassion. I appreciate the Shining Star award and what it represents”.

    Congratulations to Mrs. Oliver for receiving this special recognition. We are proud of her achievement, both individually and as part of the Elks Aidmore family of foster parents and the high quality of services they continuously provide to the children and families in Georgia.