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  • Santa Goes South…to Valdosta

    Christmas events began with a regional Christmas celebration on December 2nd in Valdosta.  The annual event was sponsored by Redland Church, Camp Rock.  Elks foster parents attended the event and enjoyed the festivities.  

    The next event was on December 17th at the Valdosta Elks Lodge #728.  The Christmas celebration at the Elks Lodge is the main event of the year for Elks Aidmore foster parents and children.  The foster families look forward to the Elks Lodge event each year and love attending.

    The event was truly a joyous time for the families. The main event was Santa arriving to give each child a gift.  This year the children were surprised not only to see Santa, but Mrs. Claus came also.  The screams and cheers were loud, and the excitement filled the room.

    Each family enjoyed a delicious lunch prepared by the Elks Lodge members.  Lots of love was included with the meal.

    Each child sat with Mr. & Mrs. Claus and was given a wonderful gift and a stuff animal.  Valdosta staff members even sat with Santa in hopes of getting a gift on Christmas morning.  All the families left the celebration with giant smiles, numerous gifts and a Christmas box filled with food.  

    The Valdosta foster families and staff members would like to extend a very special thanks to everyone at the Valdosta Elks Lodge and especially Mr. & Mrs. Claus.

    Christmas Celebrations were awesome in Valdosta!!